Tuesday, May 8, 2007

June Cleaver Wore Combat Boots?

We don't think so.

But we do think that June would have been a member of this blog, if she were a real person rather than a fictional icon.

According to a website dedicated to the program Leave it to Beaver:
June considers herself a fulfilled woman according to the most traditionally conservative American view of womanhood: a girl goes to school to find a good provider, gets married, sets up his home, bears his children and his problems at the sacrifice of any greater ambition of her own. She is the homebody extraordinaire, allowed to fly from the next only long enough to do the family shopping, attend school and church meetings and visit relatives and friends. Even her hobbies are home oriented - like crocheting and making curtains....She had little work experience, although she types competently and she did volunteer at the USO during World War II (emphasis mine). The kitchen is the central core of June Cleaver’s life. Although a spotless range and oven have replaced the hearth, June still prepares two elaborate hot meals each day, three on weekends with tender loving care. Her coffeepot is ever ready for her husband and there’s milk, cookies, fruit and often cake for her boys when they come home from school.

June did what she was able to support our troops and their families in wartime. Our country is at war right now. Are we doing what we are able for our troops and their families?


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Kitchen Madonna said...

I know I'm ready to defend the Home Front. I didn't take Genevienve as a confirmation name for nothing at Easter 2001. Little did we know, the world was about to change.

How can we pray and encouarage and perform acts of mercy for those who sacrifice their lives for us? How can we support their families?

Let's put our heads together - over Jasmine tea and almond biscotti of course - and let our inner G.I. Jane's flower!