Thursday, May 24, 2007

Things the News Media Missed

In addition to the media's sorely-lacking notice regarding the death of a U.S. soldier, Pfc. Joseph Anzack Jr., this week, there are some other things that you don't see on the news.

You don't see the compassion. You don't see the caring. You don't see the faces--of the soldiers and of the children they are helping.

Yes, children.

We tend to think that war is all about adults.

But why are we really at war right now? We're there for the children: the children of our country, to whom we have a patriotic duty to protect, to keep safe; and the children of the Middle East, who are caught in a situation not of their own making and who depend on our soldiers to help them with their basic needs. That's more than just food, clothing and shelter when we're talking about kids. It's safety, security and a shared smile, too.

Amy Caroline has posted a series of pictures that she received in an email. These pictures show our soldiers doing what they do best. These guys are not "killing machines"--they are sons, brothers, husbands and dads, all doing the best they can for the children of our country and the Middle East. Don't miss this beautiful post, and while you read it, pray for our troops.

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Amy Caroline said...

As a former military wife of a Bosnian vet, I couldn't help but be moved by that email. I had to post it up the blog, for the sole reason that it was true.

I will never forget Hubby coming home from Bosnia and all he could talk about was the poor kids and how they would just beg for anything. How they would run up to him in the streets and ask Hubby if he was going to kill them.

Our soldier see things everyday that we cannot even dream of... that we don't even want to ponder for a moment. They do all this while their families wait at home praying for their safe return, usually living on food stamps and WIC.

Thank God for our troops, their strength, and their patriotism.